Season 3 Episode 26 “Nothing Short of Thankful”



Chris walks into Stanley and Thomas’s office. Thomas is slowly dipping a tea bag into hot water, while Stanley chows down on an egg sandwich.

Chris- So you’re getting rid of me?

Stanley and Thomas look up at Chris.

Stanley- Huh?

Thomas smiles.

Thomas- “Some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some have greatness thrust upon them.”

Chris- William Shakespeare.

Thomas- That’s right. I truly believe you fit all three Chris.

Thomas stands up and starts to walk around his desk.

Thomas- Chris, when you came in here a few months ago I was eager to see if you wanted to learn. Stanley will tell you, I’m always eager to teach. I would say, it’s one of my passions in life. Over the last few months your hard work and dedication has proven to not just me, but Stanley too, that you want to make it in the industry.

Chris smiles.

Thomas- I don’t believe you’re quite ready to be a Hollywood writer.

Chris looks down at the floor in disappointment.

Thomas- But I do think you’re on your way to being a great New York writer.

Chris slowly looks up and smiles.

Stanley- We aren’t trying to get rid of you Chris. We’re letting you move to the next step on your journey to being a writer.

Thomas- A great, writer.

Stanley- Absolutely. Chris, you can’t be a production assistant your whole life. You need to learn a skill. That’s why Thomas and I called in a favor.

Chris gets a little emotional.

Chris- Wow I uh, I can’t thank you enough. These past few months have taken me to my limit. I don’t think I could have handled one more set back. This opportunity moving back home couldn’t have come at a better time.

Chris sighs.

Chris- I didn’t want to bother you with my problems, but uh, I’ve been living in a hostel for a little over a week.

Stanley- What happened to your apartment?

Chris- Lack of work happened. So I had to do what I had to do. But unfortunately last night we were robbed, by our roommates.

Stanley rises from his chair. He walks over to Chris and stares into his eyes.

Stanley- Thomas I must apologize, you were right.

Stanley turns to Thomas.

Stanley- This kid wants it. He wants to be great.

Thomas- Now you’re saying this?

Stanley looks back at Chris.

Stanley- I can see it in his eyes.

Stanley smiles and pats Chris on the back.

Thomas- I know it’s short notice we got you this job. Are you going to be able to make it to New York? Do you need help?

Chris- You mean, like money? No, no I’ll be okay. I just sold my car, so I have some cash.

Thomas- Good, then I guess you better get out here.

Chris- Yeah, I gotta go find my girl.

Stanley- Have a safe trip, Chris.

Chris turns to leave the office.

Thomas- Uh Chris?

Chris stops.

Thomas- Before you go, I just want to let you know you have homework.

Chris(shocked)- Homework?

Thomas- That’s right. When you get back we want to read your movie.

Chris- My movie?

Stanley- Yes! Your movie!

Chris- You’re letting me write?

Stanley(sarcastic)- Don’t get too excited. We all know it’s gonna be crap.

Everyone laughs.

Chris- Okay, sounds good. By the time I get back, I’ll be a screenwriter.

Chris turns and walks out of the office.



Britney and Nick are fooling around on their couch. Britney takes off her shirt.

Nick(smiles)- Shucky ducky.

Nick unbuckles his pants.



Samantha walks up to Nick and Britney’s apartment and knocks on the door. She hears sounds of people fumbling about.

Britney(voice over)- Hold on!

Samantha stares at the door with her hands on her hips.

Nick(voice Over)- Be right there!

Samantha Knocks again.

Samantha(sassy)- Hello?!



Nick walks over to the door and looks back at Britney before opening the door.

Nick- You good?

Britney pulls her shirt over her head.

Britney- Yeah, I’m good.

Nick swings open the door, see Samantha’s look of disgust.

Samantha- Ugh, what were you doing?

Samantha walks in passing Nick.

Britney- Uh, you know, just cleaning.

Samantha- Mm hmm. Anyway Brit can I talk to you?

Britney- Yeah sure, whats up?

Samantha turns and looks at Nick.

Nick- Oh, don’t mind me. I was gonna watch some TV.

Samantha- Get out!

Nick(shocked)- What?!?!

Britney- Honey, can you just give us a few minutes.

Nick turns around and grabs his keys mumbling as he walks out.

Nick- Gonna tell me to leave my own house. Like I don’t pay the damn rent.

Nick slams the door.

Britney- Okay come, sit down and tell me your problems.

Samantha walks over and takes a seat on the couch. She looks at Britney, then plops her head onto Britney’s lap.

Britney(concerned)- Sam, what’s wrong?

Samantha- Alex told me he loves me and wanted to be with me.

Britney(shocked)- Whoa.

Samantha- Right! Like what a stupid thing to do! That was a few days ago. So today I wake my ass up early, come all the way to New York to surprise him with some sex and he has some chick up in his bed!

Britney- Some chick?

Samantha- Yes! Now I’m standing there looking dumb has hell cause I had no clothes on underneath my jacket.

Britney- Was this chick Spanish, by any chance?

Samantha- Yes she was! She was your co-worker you dumb bitch!

Britney- Oh my God! Sam I’m so sorry!

Samantha lifts her head and stares at Britney.

Samantha- Bitch!

Britney- Sam you have to know, I didn’t think you still wanted Alex!

Samantha- I don’t! I just don’t want any other chick with him!

Britney- Sam, you need to grow up. I’m sorry boo boo but, Alex is an attractive man. You had your chance.

Samantha- Well then I want another.

Britney- It doesn’t always work that way sweetie.

Samantha starts breathing heavy and shaking her leg.

Samantha- But I was going to tell him I loved him too.

Britney puts her arm around Samantha.

Britney- Sam, I’ve learned something about myself that I realized you , Kris and I do. We hide our feelings from the ones we care about the most. Almost like we don’t trust the guys that have always been there for us and we give ourselves to the asshole in life.

Samantha rolls her eyes.

Samantha- Ugh, I know.

Britney- Well, if you know, then you know you need to change. Alex is a great guy. I was tired of seeing him depressed. That’s why I hooked him up with Carla.

Britney- Maybe, just maybe it’s best you take some time away from Alex. Let him make the decision on whether to be with you or not.

Samantha- Why would I do that?

Britney- Because you’re the one that always does the breaking up. If he comes back to you this time… You’ll know he truly loves you.

Samantha stares off into the distance then lowers her head and sighs.

Samantha- Stupid boy better hurry up.



Chris lays in bed reading when Wendy slowly open the door. Chris gets out of bed and they both stand at opposite ends of the room staring at each other. For a few moments not a word is spoken. Chris takes a deep breath.

Wendy- You hurt me.

Chris- I know and I’m sorry.

Wendy- Why did you say that to me?

Chris- Because I’m stupid. I was hurt and instead of telling you that, I just got angry.

Wendy- I don’t like it when you can’t express your feeling to me. I would think that we’ve been together long enough that we could tell each other anything.

Chris- We have and we can. I made a mistake. I didn’t know how to handle what I was feeling, but I should have told you. I shouldn’t have let it fester inside me for all these months.

Chris takes a step closer to Wendy.

Wendy- You know, the only reason I ever offered to do such a disgusting thing, is because I thought it would help us. As much as we needed the money… I should have taken your feelings about this whole thing more seriously. I’m sorry for not allowing you to be the man.

Wendy takes a step closer.

Chris- It’s not about me being “the man” or not. It was more so me not wanting the woman.

Chris pauses for a second.

Chris- The woman I care about, a lot, not doing something so degrading.

Wendy- I would do anything for you.

Chris- I know and I would do anything for us.

They stare quietly into each others eyes for a few moments. They walks closer until they are in each others arms hugging.

Chris- I’m sorry.

Wendy- No, I’m sorry.

Chris- Don’t ever leave my side.

Wendy- I’ll always be by your side.

They stand in the room holding each other tightly.

Chris- I love you, Wendy.

Wendy’s eyes open slowly and she takes a step back.

Wendy- What did you just say?

Chris sighs.

Chris- I said I love you.

Wendy face turns from shock to a smile.

Wendy- Oh baby, I love you too. I’ve loved you since the day you moved in. I’ve loved you since the first time you cooked for me. I’ve loved you since-

Chris- Wendy, Wendy, babe.

Wendy- What?

Chris- I have something I have to tell you.

Wendy- What is it?

Chris- I have a job.

Wendy- Really!?!?

Wendy jumps for joy.

Wendy- That great!

Chris- I know.

Wendy- When do you start!?!?

Chris- Next week.

Wendy- Where are you working!?!?

Chris- …Brooklyn.

Wendy- Is that the name of the show!?!?

Chris- No, no that’s the location.

Wendy stops jumping and looks at Chris confused.

Wendy- I don’t get it. You’re leaving me? You just told me you love me and now you’re leaving me?

Wendy starts to tear up.

Chris- No, no , no babe. You’re taking this the wrong way.

Chris whips away a tear from Wendy’s face.

Chris- I want you to come with me.

Wendy(confused)- What?

Chris- I want you to come to New York with me.

Wendy- But, I don’t know. I’ve lived in L.A. my whole life.

Chris- Well, it’s time to branch out Wendy. It’s time to write a new chapter in the story of Chris and Wendy.

Chris reaches out his hand and pulls Wendy towards him.

Chris- Come with me?

Wendy thinks for a second.

Wendy- I don’t want to be anywhere else, but by your side.

Chris smiles and they kiss. They continue to kiss until they’re laying in bed.



Chris closes the truck and walks up to Wendy, who is talking to Trinity. Trinity is crying as they say goodbye.

Trinity- I can’t believe you guys are leaving so soon. I’m gonna miss you so much!

Chris and Wendy have a confused look on their faces.

Wendy- Um, it’s only been a few days, Trinity.

Trinity- I know but we became hella close!

Chris whispers in Wendy’s ear.

Chris- Let’s get the hell outta here.

Wendy nods.

Wendy- Trinity, I’m sorry but we have to hit the road, okay?

Trinity(crying)- Okay. Drive safely guys! I love you!

They walk backwards waving at Trinity as she falls to the floor crying.



Chris and Wendy close the doors and put on their seat belts, Chris starts the car.

Chris- Okay, next stop New York City.

Chris and Wendy share a smile, then a kiss. They pull off and start their journey to the east coast.



After three days of driving across country, Chris and Wendy arrive at Nick and Britney’s door step. Chris knocks. A few seconds later Nick swings open the door.

Nick(shocked)- Ohhhhhhh!

Chris- Snap!

Nick grabs Chris under his arms the they start spinning in the hallway. Chris’s legs swinging in the air as Nick spins faster and faster and they yell louder and louder.

Nick and Chris- Whoa!

Britney walks into the hallway and stands next to Wendy.

Britney- Hi, I’m Britney.

Wendy- Nice to meet you Britney, I’m Wendy.

Britney- It’s nice to meet you too.

Wendy and Britney stare at Nick and Chris for a moment.

Britney- You wanna come inside for some tea?

Wendy- Sure, but what about them?

Britney looks at Nick and Chris.

Britney- They’ll tire themselves out.

Britney and Wendy walk into the apartment and close the door. Nick and Chris continue spinning in the hall way.


Season 3 Episode 25 “I just wanted to do… It”



Chris is on the phone with Mr. Cooper.

Chris- What?

Chris jumps up out of bed.

Mr. Cooper(voice over)- I’m sorry, I should say Thomas and Stanley got you this job. Anyway, you’re from Brooklyn right?

Chris- Yes!

Mr. Cooper(voice over)- Good, that works out great. Do you know that show “Girls?”

Chris gets really excited.

Chris- Uh, hell yes!

Mr. Cooper(voice over)- Great, cause someone who produced an episode of “Girls” has their own show and they’re on a tight budget, so they need to hire cheap for some positions.

Chris- Wait… Am I getting paid? Who am I kidding? I’ll take it! This is unbelievable. When do I start?

Mr. Cooper(voice over)- You start next week Monday. So you better fly out asap!

Chris looks at the door.

Chris- Uh… Yeah, yeah I’ll fly out asap. Thanks a lot Mr. Cooper I really appreciate it.

Mr. Cooper(voice over)- Don’t thank me, Thank Thomas and Stanley.

Chris- Will do sir, will do.

Mr. Cooper(voice over)- Chris?

Chris- Yes.

Mr. Cooper(voice over)- I know you’ve worked hard the last year and I just wanna say congrats and good luck.

Chris pauses for a second and smiles.

Chris- Thank you.

Chris hangs up the phone and takes a deep breath.



Samantha walks down the hallway towards Alex apartment. Dressed in stiletto heels and a long brown trench coat Samantha knocks on Alex’s door.



Alex slowly rises on the couch as he hears knocking at the door. With his eyes half open and clothes disheveled, Alex stumbles towards the door.

Alex- Who is it?!?!



Samantha stands, waiting in the hallway.

Samantha- It’s Samantha!



Alex opens the door.

Alex- Um, morning?

Samantha- Jesus you look like hell.

Alex- Uh yeah, I went out last night.

Samantha- Where did you go?

Alex- I don’t really remember. I don’t remember much.

Samantha- Oh my God you’re so hungover. I came over here to surprise you. I guess I’ll just nurse you back to health.

Alex- Mmm back to health, that sounds good.

They both hear a door close inside the apartment.

Samantha(confused)- Uh what was that?

Alex not remembering last night isn’t sure himself.

Alex- I don’t uh.

Alex turns around.

Alex- I don’t know.

Samantha- You don’t know?

Alex- I don’t remember much, from last night.

Samantha- Well shouldn’t we investigate?

Alex- I’ll go, you stay here.

Alex walks towards his bedroom. Samantha follows him.



Alex opens his bedroom door and sees Carla brushing her teeth. He quickly slams the door shut.

Samantha- What was that?

Alex- What was what?

Samantha- Seriously? I’m not stupid, there’s a person in there.

Alex starts chuckling.

Alex- Person? That’s, that’s crazy. Let’s go to the kitchen, let’s go for a walk. You know what? Let’s go running, you and me.

Alex tries to lead Samantha away from the bedroom but Samantha spins around away from Alex and opens his bedroom door. Samantha is shocked to see a woman in the room. Alex stands next to Samantha.

Alex(exaggerating)- What is going on here! Who…

Alex looks around shocked.

Alex- Who is this!?!?!

Carla- Um hi, I’m Carla.

Samantha- I’m Samantha.

Carla- Nice to meet you.

Everyone stands around awkwardly.

Carla- You’re not his girlfriend, are you?

Samantha- Oh no no, just a friend.

Carla- Okay good. Um, well I’m gonna go.

Carla walks towards the door and stops in front of Alex.

Carla(whispers)- I had fun, call me.

Samantha stares daggers at Alex as they hear Carla walk out of the apartment.

Samantha(angry)- So… Carla?

Alex- Oh right! It’s all coming back to me! Carla… Carla is Britney’s coworker. She’s, she’s, she’s uh, you know? A doctor.

Samantha stares at Alex as he fumbles his words.

Alex- She and I were, uh, were hanging out last night and and um, she, she slept around here.

Samantha- It smells like sex in here.

Alex- Smells like what?

Samantha- I guess you’ve moved on, Alex. Stupid me, I came over here because I thought what you said the other day was real. But I guess it wasn’t.

Samantha holds back tears.

Samantha- So, I’m gonna go now cause I’ve made an ass out of myself coming here and I need my sisters. Good bye.

Samantha storms pass Alex as she heads to the door.

Alex- No no no no no no wait don’t go. Samantha!



Samantha stops.

Alex- What I said was real. I love you and I don’t want you to go.

Alex nervously walks up to Samantha.

Alex- I love the person you are and I want to be around you everyday.

Alex grabs Samantha’s arm.

Alex- Sam I want to live with you.

Samantha turns around.

Samantha- So you say some little speech and tell me you want to live with me and what? Am I supposed to jump for joy? Alex has come and saves the day! You’re taking me away from the country and bringing me back to the city! Well guess what? I like it in the country. I have a great job, but you wouldn’t know because you never ask. You don’t understand Alex.

Alex(yelling)- Then make me understand! Make me… I want to know Samantha, I do.

Samantha- No you don’t.

Alex- Yes I do! Look I’m, I’m sorry I never asked you about your new job. That was selfish of me. Fact is I was being stubborn. And more of a fact is we both were. We shouldn’t have broken up, we should have tried. Right?

Alex hold Samantha’s hand.

Alex- I wanted to try. I missed you, always.

Samantha- Alex stop. I don’t want to go down this road now. Cause I know where it goes and I don’t want to end up hating you or you hating me. Let me go.

Samantha turns and opens the door.

Alex- I don’t get it, if you didn’t want to get back together with me… Why did you even come here?

Samantha sighs.

Samantha- I wanted to have sex. I haven’t had any since I left New York and I figured we could… Do it.

Alex- Oh, oh I mean we shouldn’t let an argument stand in the way of sex, right?

Samantha- Good bye Alex.

Samantha walks out of the apartment. Alex lowers his head in shame.



Kristina walks into Jasmine Verma’s office. A passionate little Indian woman who wants to see all students succeed.

Mrs. Verma- How can I help you?

Kristina takes a seat.

Kristina- Hi, my name is Kristina Waters. I wanted to know if it was too late to sign up for fall classes.

Mrs. Verma smiles.

Mrs. Verma- Of course not dear. What are you interested in?

Kristina- I want to be a psychiatrist.

Mrs. Verma- And that you will. I believe in you dear.

Kristina smiles.

Kristina- Thank you.

Mrs. Verma- Yes, I can see it in your eyes. Come now, let’s get you ready for classes.


To be Continued………………………………………………………………………………….

Season 3 Episode 24 “So that’s why you don’t touch me anymore”



Trinity pulls Chris aside and tells him why the police are at the hostel.

Chris- What’s going on here?

Trinity- I’m sorry to tell you… We were robbed.

Chris looks at Trinity in shock. Wendy gets out of the car and walks up to Chris and Trinity.

Wendy- Baby, what’s wrong with your face?

Chris turns to Wendy.

Chris- Trinity just told me the hostel was robbed.

Wendy- What?!?!

Trinity- Yeah, it’s like hella crazy over here. The cops are gonna like come over here and ask you questions and stuff like.

Wendy- What was taken?

Trinity- Like everything! Everything from the rooms and the common areas, like it is hella crazy in there. Every room is like upside down.

Chris takes a seat on the sidewalk.

Wendy- What are you doing?

Chris- I give up… I’m giving up Wendy. I’m sorry but I’ve tried and tried and tried.

Chris sits on the side while thinking for a moment.

Chris- But I’m done. I’m just gonna sit here. As long as I’m sitting here, nothing can go wrong. Trinity can you call the cops over here please?

Trinity starts to walk away.

Wendy- Wait! Where’s David and Chandra? Do they know about the robbery?

Trinity- I would think so, they did it.

Trinity walks off leaving Wendy stunned to hear that news. Wendy slowly takes a seat next to Chris on the sidewalk.

Wendy- …Yup.

Wendy starts to cry.

Wendy- I give up too.



Britney and Nick sit down for brunch looking through the menu waiting for Alex to arrive.

Nick- I don’t see a kale salad on this menu.

Britney- It’s brunch, get an egg.

Nick- Nah I feel like kale.

Britney drops her menu.

Britney- What’s up with everyone and kale? When did kale become the new hip food to eat?

Nick- First never say hip again, you sound like my grandmother. Second kale has become more popular over the last few years because it’s healthy as shit. Everyone knows it is a great source of vitamin A, C and K. Plus it has Sulforaphane in it, which is a cancer fighter. I would think you know these things.

Britney- Why?

Nick- You’re a doctor!

Britney- I’m trying to be a surgeon. I don’t have time for holistic gayness.

Nick- Well that’s real adult of you… Are you okay?

Britney- No, I’m on the pill now. My body is getting used to it.

Nick- So it’s like  you’re on your period?

Britney shoots Nick an angry look. Alex walks up to the table and greets Nick and Britney.

Alex- Hey guys what’s up?

Nick- Alex! Thank God. How are you buddy?

Alex- I’m good, feeling better you know.

Britney- Nick told me you weren’t feeling too good.

Alex- No, I’ve been a little depressed. But uh, I’m getting out of it.

Britney- Well that’s good to hear.

Alex- Yeah definitely, I mean everyone gets depressed sometimes, right? You just have to work through it. I’m happy to say I’m much better and I kinda wanna get back out there. I wanna start dating again.

Nick- Yes! That’s what I like to hear!

Alex- Yeah, I wanna start fucking bitches again!

Britney- Okay okay, do we have to talk about bitches at the table?

Alex(laughing)- Sorry.

Britney- Anyway, I’m happy to hear that you’re ready to start dating again…

Britney starts talking fast.

Britney- Cause Nick and I are setting you up on a date and here she comes.

Alex- What?

Britney- Hi!

Alex stands up and turns around. Walking towards the table in slow motion is a strikingly beautifully and shapely Latin woman with long black flowing hair. She marches to the table wearing a knee-length red skirt, a black sleeveless shirt with open toe sandals.

Carla- Oh my God, how hard is it to find parking in this neighborhood?!?!

Britney- I know right!

Nick leans over to Alex and closes his mouth.

Britney- Carla this is my friend Alex, Alex meet my coworker, Carla.

Alex extends his hand but Carla goes in to kiss him on the cheek. Alex hand lands on Carla’s left breast.

Alex(nervous)- Oh my God, oh my God, I’m so sorry. I didn’t uh, I didn’t mean to touch you there! Or anywhere for that matter. Why would I touch you? That’s crazy, I don’t go around touching woman.

Nick- Alex! Put down the shovel, you’ve dug yourself a deep enough hole.

Alex- Okay.

Alex sighs and takes a seat. Carla Laughs

Alex(embarrassed)- Hi I’m Alex Callis.

Carla- Nice to meet you, I’m Carla Quintus.

Alex- That’s a nice name, what does it mean?

Carla- Carla means free man and Quintus means fifth.

Alex- Oh that’s nice.

Everyone sits smiling for a moment.

Carla- So did you guys order drinks?

Britney- No, no we just sat down. Lets order something.

Nick raises his hand and gesture for the waiter to come over.

Alex- So you’re a doctor too?

Carla- Yes, I’m a surgeon.

Alex- That’s nice, you know I just recently read an article about medical malpractice costing hospitals and insurance companies millions.

An awkward silence comes over the table.

Nick- Uh so! Carla where are you from?

Carla- I’m half Jamaican half Puerto Rican.

Alex- Wow let me tell you something, that is a great mix. I only know beautiful woman from that mix.

Carla blushes.

Britney- Carla is also very much into fashion. She wants to start a company some day.

Alex- Oh really, that’s nice. What kind of fashion?

Carla- Well it’s more like summery type clothes. It’s nothing special or anything.

Britney- Nothing special!?!? She designed the clothes she wearing right now!

Carla sits there being very bashful.

Carla- Well, I didn’t design the shoes.

Alex- Either way I have to tell you, those clothes are almost as beautiful as you.

Nick Whispers to Britney.

Nick- I think he’s finally getting comfortable.



Nick, Britney, Alex and Carla talk on the side-walk after brunch.

Alex- Well Britney makes the story sound worst then it actually was.

Britney- Am I?!?!

Alex(Sarcastic)- Yes of course, you always do. First off we landed in Vegas late afternoon. You make it seem like it was morning.

Carla- There’s nothing wrong with late afternoon drinking.

Alex- That’s what I said! So Nick and I drank and had fun.

Britney- Yeah, for two and a half days?!?!

Nick- Well listen, you lose track of time when you’re having fun.

Alex- Exactly! It happens.

Everyone laughs.

Britney- Well Nick and I had some house stuff to attend to, what are you up to the rest of the day Carla?

Carla- It’s my day off, so I guess catch up on some TV. What about you Alex?

Alex- I don’t have anything going on. I was thinking of going to the movies, I wanted to see the new Wolverine.

Carla- Oh I wanted to see that!

Alex- Seriously? You’re a fan of the X-Men?

Carla- Totally! I’ve been a fan since I was a kid.

Alex- Cool, do you wanna go with me?

Britney looks at Nick and smiles.

Carla- Yeah why not, let’s go.

Alex(smiles)- Great.

Britney- Awesome we all have something to do, I guess I’ll see you guys later.

Nick- Alright, y’all have a good time.

Alex- Thanks, later guys.

Carla and Alex walk down the block together. Britney stands next to Nick bouncing with excitement.

Nick- Babe you are about to jump into the sky.

Britney- I can’t help it! I’m so excited! They are going to be our double date couple.

Nick- Our double date couple?

Britney- Yes! It’s a thing.

Nick- I think you make these “things” up and you think they’re things.

Britney- Ugh whatever!

Britney grabs Nick’s arm and drags him up the block.



Chris wakes up next to Wendy in the same clothes they wore yesterday. He looks around the room and sees the emptiness left behind by Chandra and David. Chris sits up in bed waking up Wendy.

Wendy(Sigh)- Morning.

Chris looks back.

Chris- I could really go for a cigarette.

Wendy- I could go for a drink.

Chris- Wendy, I know I said I’d take care of everything and we would be okay.

Chris looks down to the floor.

Chris- I really don’t know what to do. I don’t know where to go. We can’t even find jobs out here.

Wendy- I could take a job at McDonalds. We both can.

Chris gets annoyed.

Chris- And what will  that pay for? Who is that going to support?

Wendy- I don’t like the tone you’re taking with me.

Chris(Angry)- Really? I don’t have a tone. And please don’t make this about you. We’re both going through shitty times.

Wendy gets upset with Chris’s comment.

Wendy- What does that mean?

Chris- It mean… Nothing.

Wendy- Say it Chris, just say it. Tell me how you truly feel. Because I’m dying to know how my boyfriend, who hasn’t touched me in months, feels!

Chris calms down as Wendy gets angrier.

Chris- See, look at you. I don’t want to do this.

Wendy- No, let’s do this. It’s not like we have jobs to get to. So we might as well hash this shit out.

Chris- Wendy calm down, you don’t want to do this.

Wendy starts yelling louder.

Wendy- Yes I do! I do want to do this!

Chris- Stop it Wendy.

Wendy- Don’t tell me to stop like you’re my daddy.

Chris- Oh God please don’t say that.

Wendy- I’ll say whatever I want. Don’t tell me what I can and can’t say.

Chris sighs.

Chris- Okay you want to know how I feel?

Chris’s phone starts to ring.

Wendy- Yes I’m dying to know!

Chris- Ever since you told me your father touched you, I haven’t been able to look at you the same. I wanted to help you, but then you made it worst when you offered to let him see you naked again! I was fucking disgusted.

Chris phone continues to ring.

Wendy- You feel better you got that off your chest?

Wendy jumps out of bed and storms out the room slamming the door behind her. Chris answers his phone.

Chris- Hello?

Mr. Cooper(Voice over)- Good morning Chris, it’s Mr. Cooper.

Chris- Morning.

Mr. Cooper(Voice over)- Sorry to wake you but I had big news.

Chris sits quietly waiting for Mr. Cooper to tell him the news.

Mr. Cooper(Voice over)- I got you a job. You’re moving back to New York!


Season 3 Episode 23 “Nothing Can Stop us Now”



Samantha calls Alex while eating breakfast.



Alex rolls over in bed and grabs his phone. He answers in without looking to see who it is.

Alex- Hello?



Samantha drops her spoon.

Samantha(sassy)- Hello?! Hello?! You just gonna say hello to me like you ain’t call me at three in the morning?!

Samantha pauses for a moment.

Samantha- Hello?! Now you ain’t got nothing to say? Let me tell you something Mr. Alex, if that’s your real name.



Alex rubs his face and opens his eyes wide to look at the phone.

Samantha(voice over)- You know damn well we broke up months ago. Where do you get off calling me like I’m some 3 a.m. booty call? Hello? I ain’t your 3 a.m. booty call sir!

Alex smiles.

Samantha(voice over)- Oh you just gonna smile now?

Alex looks at the phone wondering how she knew he was smiling.

Samantha(voice over)- Your smiling? Ugh! I’m so done with you!

Alex sits up waiting for Samantha to speak again.

Samantha(voice over)- Well aren’t you gonna say something?

Alex looks at the phone, a picture of he and Samantha kissing appears as his wallpaper.

Alex- I love you and I lied,  I haven’t gotten over you.



Samantha stands with her mouth agape. She hangs up and throws her phone on the couch.

Samantha(angry)- Ugh! I hate stupid boys!

Samantha walks out of the room.



Chris opens the door with some breakfast for Wendy and he sees her shadow boxing.

Chris- Uh, whatcha doing?

Wendy quickly turns around.

Wendy(surprised)- Whoa! How long have you been there?

Chris(smiles)- Long enough.

Wendy(rolls her eyes)- Great.

Chris- Don’t worry I’m not judging you.

Wendy- I’m not worrying about that. I’m just trying to get psyched for this interview. This job could help us get out of here.

Chris- I know, I know. I wish you the best today. Now eat, you need a good breakfast to start your day.

Chris hands Wendy oatmeal and toast.

Wendy- Thanks baby.

Wendy goes to kiss Chris, but Chris turns his head and give her his cheek.

Chris- Do you think you could pick me up after I sell my car later?

Wendy goes to sit down on her bed to eat.

Wendy- Sure just text me.

Chris- Great, alright well I’m gonna get out of here.

Chris gives Wendy a kiss on the forehead.

Chris- I know we’re living in a hostel right now… But I really feel like worst is behind us.

Wendy- Me too baby. Have a good day.

Chris walks out the room. Wendy sits alone eating breakfast.



Chris walks into the office and notices a smile on Thomas’s face.

Chris- Good morning Mr. Petit.

Thomas- Good morning Mr. Folds, how are you today?

Chris- Uh, I’m doing okay, you?

Thomas- Great. Chris today you will learn something. Something that many kids who’ve come through those doors never learned. They never learned it and yet it is so simple it’s astounding.

Chris(confused)- Uh, okay.

Thomas- Chris, what is it that Stanley an I do here?

Chris- You’re script doctors?

Thomas- Yes but mostly we are readers.

Chris- Right.

Thomas- Stanley and I are very good readers. We’ve picked many a script that have gone on to win awards. There is a certain word used for what we do. It’s called coverage. We provide a service to movie studios. They give us scripts and we let them know if its worth making.

Chris- That’s what I’ve been doing?

Thomas- Well to a certain extent. What I wanted you to do mainly was read these scripts to see what I script is supposed to look like. Also to get a real idea of how many scripts come through Hollywood.

Chris- I assume the scripts in here are not all the scripts that come into Hollywood?

Stanley walks into the office with a banana and newspaper in his hand.

Stanley- Ha! That’s funny.

Thomas- I think what Stanley means is that there are thousands upon thousands of scripts that come through Hollywood every year. And a very small percentage of that get read by a studio exec. Then an even smaller percentage of that gets produced.

Chris(shocked)- Wow.

Thomas- Exactly.

Stanley- You did know that, kid?

Chris(discouraged)- Uh well, I assumed a lot of scripts were written and sent to “Hollywood”. But uh, I didn’t think… it was so much.

Thomas- Well now listen, were not telling you this so you can get down on yourself. We’re telling you the truth.

Stanley- This ain’t a cake walk. This is the big time and you want to make it. There is no other Hollywood. You’re with the best right now.

Thomas- So it’s in your best interests to learn as much as you can, here.

Chris- Okay, I understand. What should I do now?

Thomas- Remember a few weeks ago I gave you a script to take home and you were to write your thoughts on it?

Chris- Yes.

Thomas- Well that was coverage. And you did… an okay job. But we’re gonna work on that.

Chris- That sounds great, I look forward to that.

Thomas walks around his desk and takes a seat. With his hands arched in front of his face, he says.

Thomas- You showed me that you were ready to move to the next level when you came in here yearning to learn more.

Stanley(sarcastic)- Sounded more like yelling than yearning.

Thomas- Right, either way I respected it.

Chris- Thank you, but I should apologize for raising my voice.

Thomas- Don’t worry about it, just keep that fire sir.

Stanley- Yeah kid, you even impressed me, keep it up.

With a smile on his face Chris walks over to his desk.



Samantha busts into Kristina’s bedroom.

Samantha- What’s up boo!

Kristina- Hey.

Samantha- What are you up to?

Kristina- I’m looking at colleges.

Samantha- College? Didn’t you do that already?

Kristina- Yeah, but I’m going back. I’m gonna major in psychology.

Samantha- Wow, really? Where did this come from?

Kristina- Well actually Chris. Chris pretty much changed my life that day on the bridge. I’ll never forget that and I won’t continue to waste my life. I want to help people and this is the best way I feel I can do that.

Samantha- Good for you. Can we talk about my life now?

Kristina rolls her eyes and smiles.

Kristina- What’s going on in your life, Sam? I’m dying to know!

Samantha- Shut up, anyway Alex butt dialed me.

Kristina- That’s weird.

Samantha- Right?!?! Why do guys do that!?!? Anyway, I called him back yesterday and the dumb kid tells me he loves me.

Kristina- Aw-

Samantha- No! no aw!

Kristina- Why not? He loves you. Isn’t that a good thing?

Samantha- No! I got no time for that! I’m busy trying to climb the corporate ladder. I don’t have time for love.

Kristina- Do you think that maybe, you’re just a little scared to fall in love?

Samantha give Kristina a look of disdain.

Samantha(sassy)- You’re not a psychologist yet, bye girl.

Samantha rolls her eyes and storms out of Kristina’s room.



Chris stands on the sidewalk as Wendy pulls up to pick him up. Chris leans into her window.

Chris- Looking for a good time miss?

Wendy(flirtation)- Yeah, You know anyone?

Chris(angry)- What do you mean do I know anyone?!?! It’s me! Do you want to have a good time with me?!

Wendy laughs.

Wendy- Just get in the car silly man!

Chris gets int the car.



Wendy- How are you feeling after selling your car?

Chris- Surprisingly good. You know I told you this morning that the worst was behind us. I feel like selling my car was just apart of this upswing we’re on.

Wendy- I’m happy you’re taking a positive look on this. The last couple of months have been really shitty and your attitude has mirrors our situation.

Chris- Yeah, I know. But I promise to go back to normal.

Wendy smiles.

Chris- Maybe we can take David and Chandra out for brunch this weekend now that we have a couple of dollars.

Wendy- That would be nice.

Wendy pulls up to the hostel and sees everyone on the sidewalk talking to police. Chris gets out the car.



Trinity walks over to Chris with a sad look on her face.

Chris- What’s going on here?

Trinity- You’re not gonna believe this but… we were totally robbed!


Season 3 Episode 22 “Don’t Wake me, Unless it’s for Endless Brunch”



Chris and Wendy are asleep on the couch in the common area when they are awaken by their roommates, DAVID MOTT and CHANDRA AMALT. David a short black man wearing khakis and a blue denim button down shirt. Chandra has natural hair and wears pleaded ankle pants with a Cardigan. They stand over Chris and Wendy with smiles on their faces.

David- Hey, you must be Chris and Wendy?

Chris(groggy)- Yeah that’s us.

David- Hi, we’re your roommates, I’m David and this is Chandra.

Chris and Wendy rub the sleep out of their eyes and sit up.

Chris- Hi nice to meet you guys.

Chris and David shake hands.

David- We just got in and saw you guys on the couch, figured you’d wanna sleep in beds.

David chuckles.

Wendy- Thanks, we appreciate it.

Chris and Wendy stand up and they all walk out of the common area.



In the room are two sets of bunk beds, two sets of dressers, two tall lamps, two floor to ceiling mirrors and a small radio on a night stand between the beds.

Chandra(sarcastic)- Romantic isn’t it.

Wendy(smiles)- Oh yeah, definitely.

Wendy turns to Chris.

Wendy- So what do you want? Top or bottom?

Chris looks at the bed.

Chris- I’ll take the top babe.

Chris and Wendy look over at David and Chandra talking in whispers saying good night.

David- I’ll see you in the morning honey.

Chandra- Not if I see you first.

David- I’ll miss you.

Chandra- I’ll miss you more.

David- I love you sweetie.

Chandra- I love you more.

David- Good night

Chandra- Good night.

Chandra turns off their lamp and they get in bed. Chris and Wendy look at each other and roll their eyes.

Chris- Good night.

Wendy- Night, babe.



Alex lays half asleep in bed. He goes from app to app on his phone before he goes into his contacts. Alex scrolls down to Samantha’s number. His finger hovering over her phone number. As Alex drifts off to sleep his finger lands on screen and the phone starts to ring.



Samantha is awaken by the phone ringing.

Samantha(annoyed)- Who the fuck?

Samantha opens her eyes wide to see who is calling.

Samantha- Alex? Why the hell is Alex calling me?

Samantha answers the phone.

Samantha- Hello? Hello?

She lets a few seconds pass.

Samantha(angry)- I know you did not just butt dial me! Hello!?!?

Samantha sighs.

Samantha- Ugh! Okay Alex, I’ll remember this.

Samantha hangs up the phone.



Chris slowly rises from sleep and lays in bed staring at the ceiling. He lets out a big yawn and turns his head to the left and is shocked to see David and Chandra awake in their bed staring at Chris and Wendy.

Chandra- Morning roomie!

Chris half smiles at them and begrudgingly says.

Chris- Good morning.

Chris hears Wendy rumbling below.

David- Morning rommie!

Wendy jumps back in shock.

Wendy- Baby?!

Chris- I’m right here.

David and Chandra jump out of bed.

David- I hope you’re morning people!

Chandra- Cause we are!

Chris- Well actually-

David- Come on lets gets some breakfast.

Chandra- And you can’t say no, cause it’s on us!

Chris thinks for a moment, but before he could answer Wendy says.

Wendy- We’re in!



David, Chandra, Chris and Wendy sit down for breakfast.

Chandra- Oh look at their brunch menu. They have bottomless beer and mimosa.

David- Great!

David raises his hand.

David- Waitress! Beer us!

Chris and Wendy give each other a look of concern.



After many hours of food and beer, Chris, Wendy, David and Chandra and feeling pretty good enjoying nice conversation.

Wendy- I have to thank you guy so much. We needed this so bad.

Chris- Yeah, Thanks a lot.

David- No problem guys, no problem.

Chandra- So how did you guys meet?

Chris and Wendy look at each other and share a smile.

Chris- Do you wanna do the honors?

Wendy- My pleasure. I used to work for American Airlines and one day I’m at work and this very handsome man come up to me looking for help. He was on the verge of a nervous break down if I recall correctly.

Chris(laughing)- Okay, okay, she’s leaving out a very important part. I was flow out here and then the people who flew me out, screwed me over. I was trying to find a way home.

Wendy- Right, so he was having a nervous break down. I remember feeling bad for him. So the next day I got him a flight home.

Chandra- Aw that’s very nice of you.

Wendy- Yeah, but here’s the kicker. His way of hitting on me was to send me to his web site so I could read his blog.

David(sarcastic)- Yuckaroo!

Wendy- Right! Such an ego this guy had.

Chris(Laughing)- Uh, had being the key word there. I’m much better now. I only send girls to my Instagram now.

Everyone laughs.

Wendy- Anyway, when he came back to L.A. he made a point to see me and I’ve been falling for him since.

Chris smiling looks up at Wendy and she gazes into his eyes.

Wendy- It’s almost been a year and a half we’ve been dating and we’ve been each others rock.

Chris reaches over to takes Wendy’s hand.

Chris- She’s right, I couldn’t, I wouldn’t be here without this beautiful woman.

Chris kisses Wendy’s hand.

David- That’s a nice story guys.

Chandra- Yeah.

Chris- So how did you two meet?

Chandra- Well our story isn’t as cute. This klutz decides to try roller skates for the first time in 2009. He’s skating so fast that when he fell, he slid like thirty feet and  stopped right between my legs. And I was wearing a dress.

Wendy gasps and Chris laughs.

David- You know what I said?

Chris- No what?

David- I pulled her dress aside and looked up at her and said-

Chandra- I guess I owe you dinner now!

Everyone laughs.

Chris- Wow that is classic!

David- Yeah man. And I’ve loved her since.

Wendy gives David a kiss.

Wendy- So what are your plans? What are you guys doing after you leave the hostel?

Chandra- We are going across the country. We want to get to NYC and see if we can make it there for a bit.

Wendy- Oh that’s cool, Chris is from New York.

David- Oh really.

David looks at Chandra.

David- That’s, that’s great. Maybe one day you’ll have us for brunch.

Chris- That would be great.

The waitress walks over and drops the check.

Waitress- Sorry to break up the fun guys, but we have to get ready for lunch.

David- Oh no problem sweetheart, here you go.

David hands the waitress a credit card.



Chris- Guys thank you so much for brunch. We both really appreciate it.

David- No problem, it was our pleasure.

Chandra leans in to give Wendy a hug and David shakes Chris’s hand.

David- We’re gonna go walk off this food. We’ll see you later roomies.

Chris- Alright guys, we’ll see you later.

David and Chandra walk off. Chris grabs Wendy’s hand and they walk back to the hostel.

Wendy- That was so nice of them. I wish we knew more people as nice as them.



Chris lays in bed checking his email and Wendy sits reading when her phone rings.

Wendy- Hello? This is her… Yes I am… Yes I would… That’s great, I’d love to… Tomorrow 11a.m. great… Okay bye.

Wendy jumps out of bed in excitement.

Wendy- Great news!

Chris- Me too, you first though.

Wendy- I have a job interview tomorrow!

Chris- Yes!

Chris jumps off the top bunk and give Wendy a hug.

Chris- This is so freaking awesome!

Wendy- I know!

Chris- I really hope this is a sign of good things to come babe.

Wendy- Uh! Me too baby. So what’s your news?

Chris- I sold my car!

Wendy- Yay! Oh that is so great!

Chris- I know, I drop it off after work tomorrow. I’m getting $1,200 for it and we need that so bad.

Wendy- I know.

Wendy leans in to give Chris a kiss. Chris grabs her by the waist and lays a big kiss on her. Wendy backs Chris up onto her bad and they lay down. Chris pulls at Wendy’s shirt and gets it almost off when The door opens up and in walks David and Chandra.

David- Hey guys!

Chris and Wendy jump up and fix their clothes.

Chris- Uh hey, sup.


Season 3 Episode 21 “Hostel Part 4″



Chris and Wendy pack boxes as they prepare to move.

Chris- I think this won’t be such a bad move. This place gets a lot of good reviews.

Wendy- I don’t know why you always read those reviews as though they aren’t written by the owners.

Chris- Not all of them are. You’re just being cynical right now.

Wendy- I think sometimes you look at the world through rose colored glasses.

Chris- I disagree. I’m just trying to stay positive here.

Wendy stops and looks at Chris.

Wendy- I’m sorry baby.

Wendy give Chris a hug and a kiss on the cheek.

Wendy(Smiles)- Do you wanna go in the bedroom one more time before we leave?

Chris- No, we don’t have time. We have to drop all this stuff at storage and I have work later. Come on, let’s finish this.

Chris gives Wendy a kiss on the forehead and walks out of the kitchen. Wendy stands there feeling dejected.



Chris and Wendy each pull up to Moon Pad hostel. Chris gets out of his car and walks over to Wendy’s car.

Chris- Okay babe this is it.

Wendy gets out her car and looks at what appears to be an abandoned building on a quiet street.

Wendy- Baby? Are you sure about this?

Chris- Yeah, I saw pictures. It looks better on the inside. Trust me.

Chris takes Wendy’s hand and they walk into the hostel.



Chris and Wendy walk into the common area of the hostel and see a bunch of people sitting around watching television. The windows are closed and no sunlight is getting through.

Chris- Uh, hello? We’re here looking for a room.

Chris lets out a girlish yelp when he feels his ass getting squeezed. Chris and Wendy turn around and see a short Asian American woman wearing tight white shorts, a blue bikini top and blue hair. She opens her moth and has a Valley girl accent.

Trinity- Oh my God, I’m so sorry.

Wendy- What the hell?

Trinity- I didn’t mean to, I though he was someone else.

Chris- It’s fine. Can you help us though? We’re looking for management.

Trinity- Oh! Well you guy are so lucky cause that’s me!

Wendy- You run this place?

Trinity- Yup, hi I’m Trinity.

Chris extends his hand.

Chris- Hi I’m Chris. This is my girlfriend Wendy.

Wendy- Hi.

Chris- We’re looking for a room.

Trinity- Great, let’s go to the office and talk.



Trinity, a very upbeat and chipper person, sits down with Chris and Wendy to talk about the Moon Pad Hostel.

Trinity- So how long were you looking to stay?

Chris- Well I saw online that there is a two week maximum.

Trinity- Yes, but if we don’t have a lot of bookings you could stay longer. And you know it twenty dollars a night.

Chris- Yes I saw that.

Trinity- We have housekeeping come in twice a week. Everyone tends to tip her.

Chris- That’s fine.

Wendy- What about showers?

Trinity- We have communal bathrooms.

Wendy clenches the armrest of her chair.

Wendy- Communal bathrooms? Like in college?

Trinity- Yeah!

Wendy- So grown people shower together?

Trinity- Well no silly, everyone gets their own shower stall.

Wendy let’s go of her armrest a bit.

Trinity- We have on site parking, laundry facilities, a mini supermarket, free wi-fi and lockers.

Chris- Okay, what about a kitchen?

Trinity- That’s right next to the common area that you saw.

Chris looks over at Wendy for reassurance. Wendy smiles and shrugs her shoulders.

Chris- Okay, let’s move forward with this. Can we move in today? And how do we pay you?

Trinity- We take all major credit cards and you can move in today. The only thing is we don’t have private rooms available yet.

Wendy clenches the armrest again.

Wendy- What does that mean?

Trinity- You would have to share a room for a couple of days.

Chris- Okay, that’s no problem.

Wendy looks at Chris with a surprised look on her face.

Wendy- Really? It’s not?

Chris leans back and whispers in Wendy’s ear.

Chris- Babe this is the best hostel in the city and its close to my job. We need this. A couple of days with someone else won’t be that bad.

Chris leans forward to ask Trinity a question.

Chris- So Trinity, exactly how long would we have to room with someone else?

Trinity- The room you’ll be in, is with another couple. A nice black couple from San Diego. They’re leaving in two more days.

Chris- Okay, okay that sounds fine.

Trinity- Great, I’ll start the paperwork.

Trinity skips out of the office.

Wendy- I don’t feel good about this.

Chris- Honestly, neither do I babe. I want our apartment back. But this is what we have to do right now. It’s almost August and shows are going to start filming again. I should have a new job in a few week. We just have to deal with this for a while.

Chris grabs Wendy’s hand.

Chris- I’ll get us out of this, I promise.

Wendy- I know you will babe. But don’t put this all on yourself, I need to find a job too.

Trinity walks back in with paperwork.

Trinity- Okay, let’s get started.

Chris looks over and Wendy smiles. He picks up the pen and starts filling out the paperwork.



Chris walks into Stanley and Thomas’s office late for work.

Stanley(sarcastic)- Well look who decided to show up. I’m so happy you graced us with your presences.

Chris walks to his desk and doesn’t say a word. Thomas gives Chris a look of concern.

Thomas- Chris… Chris… Mr. Folds!

Chris looks up.

Chris- Yes!

Thomas- What is going on with you?

Stanley- No, no, no let’s not go down this road again.

Chris- Yeah, I agree with Stanley.

Stanley looks over at Chris confused.

Stanley- Say what?

Chris- I just want to work guys. I need to work.

Thomas- Okay. There’s a bunch of scripts on your desk.

Thomas sighs.

Thomas- Get to work.

Chris starts thumbing through the scripts on his desk.

Chris- What is this? What is this crap? Guys, guys.

Chris stands up. Stanley and Thomas look up.

Chris- I’m tired of this. I come in here week after week and all I do is read shitty scripts! When do I get the chance to show you my shitty scripts! I’m ready! I’m ready for this! I’m not Spielberg, I’m not David E. Kelly, I’m not Kevin Smith! I’m Chris Folds God dammit! And I’m gonna be the best Chris Folds! But not if I’m stuck in this office reading other people’s scripts.

Chris looks around the room.

Chris- Guys honestly I want to thank you for mentoring me. Stanley I know you didn’t want to, but I appreciate all that you’ve taught me.

Chris sits back down and takes a deep breath.

Chris- I just can’t do this today.

Chris stands up.

Chris- I’m sorry guy, I gotta go.

Chris walks out of the office. Thomas stares at the door.

Stanley- Well there goes another one. I told you Thomas, these kids nowadays have no sticktoitiveness, no determination.

Stanley gets up and grabs a bottle of water.

Stanley- We wasted our time again. I’ll be honest with you though. For a second I thought you were right about this kid. I thought he’d be able handle it. I guess not huh.

Stanley notices Thomas still staring at the door.

Stanley- What are you looking at? He’s not coming back.

Thomas- I beg to differ Stanley. He will be back.

Stanley- What makes you so sure?

Thomas- Because… He’s ready… He’s ready to take the next step.

Stanley sits down and is about to say something, when the door opens and in walks Chris. Chris stares at Stanley and Thomas.

Chris- I’m sorry, I’ll get back to work.

Chris walks back to his desk and takes a seat. Stanley watches Chris, then looks up at Thomas, who is smiling at him.

Stanley- Whatever.



Chris walks into the hostel and sees Wendy in the common area. He walks over and sits on the couch next to her. She looks over at Chris then turns to the television. Chris looks over at Wendy then back at the television. They sit and watch “Boy Meets World”.

Chris(whispers)- I missed you.

Wendy looks over at Chris and takes his hand. Chris puts his arm around her and gives her a kiss.

Wendy- I missed you too.


Season 3 Episode 20 “Good Thing I Didn’t Jump Off That Bridge”



The clock slowly ticks as Dr. Mendez stares at Kristina. Dr. Mendez puts her notebook down and leans in towards Kristina.

Dr. Mendez- What did you just say?

Kristina- I said I saw him on the Golden Gate-

Dr. Mendez- No, you said you were contemplating jumping off the bridge?

Kristina(takes a deep breath)- Yes I did… But that was just for a second. I was at a low point in my life at that moment. I’ve never felt what I felt that day on the bridge. I felt like I should give up. Like there was nothing for me to do on this earth anymore, ya know?

Dr. Mendez nods her head.

Kristina- And just a second later, my life changed.

Dr. Mendez- Chris?

Kristina(smiles)- Chris.

Dr. Mendez- What did you talk about?

Kristina- Nothing to specific, just small talk. He literally stopped traffic on the bridge to see me.

Kristina continues to smile.

Dr. Mendez- How did it make you feel to see someone who has been such a major part of your life, after all you’ve been through this year?

Kristina(Sigh)- I felt… I felt like I was me again. I instantly remembered my love for him and it made me feel normal.

Dr. Mendez- Do you still have feelings for Chris?

Kristina- No… Yes… I don’t know. There’s so much history between us. I think it’s impossible to not feel something when you see your first love.

Dr. Mendez- You know Kristina, after such a traumatic time in one’s life it would be best to spend some time alone.

Kristina- Why do you say that?

Dr. Mendez- Because as I listen to the way you’re talking about Chris and I see the smile on your face. A question in my mind keeps popping up. Does she still love him?

Kristina takes a deep breath.

Dr. Mendez- And that’s not the reason I sent you on a vacation. I wanted you to find yourself. I didn’t want you to fall in love again. You needed to find out who Kristina Water is. Do you know?

Kristina- Yes

Dr. Mendez- Really? Tell me.

Kristina- Absolutely, it turned out seeing Chris was the best thing that could have happened to me. I saw him and I felt the old me returned. And after talking to him, I realized who I am.

Dr. Mendez- And who are you, Kristina?

Kristina- Well, I went back to my room and thought about it all night. And I came to the conclusion that he was right. I always help people. I love helping people. I go out of my way to help people. I want to go out and do good. Then I figured I might as well get paid for it.

Dr. Mendez- So what do you want to do?

Kristina- I want to be a therapist or a psychiatrist.

Dr. Mendez- Really?

Kristina- I know you probably think that sounds weird and it’s coming out of nowhere, but yeah, I want to do what you do.

Dr. Mendez- Kristina I’m not here to judge you. I’m here to guild. I told you to take that trip in hopes you would find yourself. And you seem to have succeeded in that. If you feel like this is the right step you should be taking in life, then I implore you to go out and do so. But make sure you take this seriously. Helping people is not an easy job, sometimes it’s the hardest job.

Kristina sits back reflecting on what Dr. Mendez words.

Kristina- I want to go back to college and get my bachelors in psychology.

Dr. Mendez looks into Kristina’s eyes.

Dr. Mendez- Do you have any thoughts on killing yourself?

Kristina- No, I wanna live. I wanna help.

Kristina gets up and extends her hand to Dr. Mendez. Dr. Mendez shakes Kristina’s hand. Kristina turns around and walks towards the door.

Dr. Mendez- Uh Kristina!

Kristina turns around.

Dr. Mendez- We still have 40 minutes left.

Kristina(Embarrassed)- Oh, well. I guess I’ll just take a seat.

Dr. Mendez(Smiling)- Yeah, you do that.



Nick sits down with Alex talking while drinking some beers.

Alex- So where the hell have you been, man? I feel like everyone forgot I was here.

Nick- No we didn’t forget. We’ve just been busy.

Alex- You know I feel like we’ve gotten closer since Chris left. But after you moved in with Brit, I haven’t seen you.

Nick- Bro, you’re getting emotional.

Alex(yelling)- I just want a friend dammit!

Nick doubles over laughing.

Alex- It’s not funny! I’m lonely as hell in this place and everyone is shacked up.

Nick- Man, everybody isn’t shacked up. Why don’t you just call Samantha?

Alex- I think I told you what happened last time I saw her. And plus, I don’t wanna bark up that tree again.

Nick- So what do you want to do?

Alex- I just my friends back, I want Chris back.

Nick and Alex take a sip of beer.

Alex- I don’t know if I should be feeling this way but, lately I’ve been resentful of Chris.

Nick- What do you mean?

Alex- I mean, mother fucker doesn’t even call, text, email, uh, uh a God damn fucking letter in the mail. I don’t get it, bro.

Nick- Honestly it bothered me too for a bit. But then I figured he’s doing so good that he doesn’t have time. Maybe he’s making it out there.

Alex- You think?

Nick- Yeah man. Come on stop thinking about this, you’re gonna drive yourself crazy.

Alex cracks open another beer.

Nick- You know Kristina saw him when she went out to San Fran.

Alex looks at Nick with a serious face.

Alex(yelling)- See! I’m missing out on all this shit! What’s he doing in San Fransisco?!

Nick(laughing)- I don’t know, She said he was with some director.

Alex- A director?

Nick- Yeah.

Alex- Okay… That’s good, right?

Nick- Yeah of course. It can’t be bad.

Alex- Yeah no, it can’t.

Alex and Nick sip their beers quietly for a few moments. Nick leans in towards Alex.

Nick- I almost got Britney pregnant.

Alex looks at Nick.

Alex- Come on! Really?!



Chris lays in bed thinking while watching Wendy pace back and forth in the living room. Chris sits up in bed. Wendy stops pacing and watches Chris. Chris looks at Wendy and she walks into the room.

Wendy- So what’s up?

Chris- Nothing good. You’re not going to like this.

Wendy- Just spit it out, I’m with you no matter what.

Chris- Okay, well I was actually thinking we sell my car. Your car is in way better shape and it would be better to keep that one.

Wendy- And we use that money to get a new apartment?

Chris shakes his head.

Chris- No.

Wendy- Okay, then what?

Chris- We uh, we’re gonna move to a hostel.


To be Continued…………………………………………………………………………….